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Looking back on an amazing 2016!

LOOKING BACK ON AN AMAZING 2016... Another amazing year of accomplishments draws to a close and we look toward 2017 with GREATANTICIPATION because we have unique things in store for you. We are confident the coming 12 months will be EVEN BETTER FOR ALL OF US!

There are some truly GROUNDBREAKING ANNOUNCEMENTS we are going to make regarding our new projects and expansion - so look forward to our newsletter on the 2nd of January!

As the founder and visionary of the OneCoin cryptocurrency Dr. Ruja Ignatova says "I am convinced 2017 will be the best year until now for OneCoin. We will continue to grow, bringing the coin to more and more people and places. WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE!"

Dr. Ruja Ignatova

But as we await the next year with excitement, let’s take a moment to look back at all the phenomenal things we achieved together in 2016.

We started the year with just over 700 000 Members in January. In December, that number had increased to 2.8 MILLION MEMBERS WORLDWIDE! That means that over the course of just 12 months our Member base has expanded 4 TIMES!

And it is with great pride that we let the curtain fall on an extremely successful 2016. We doubt there is any company in history that can boast so many improvements in such a short amount of time. So let’s sit back and recall all the improvements the OneLife Family witnessed over the past 365 days!


With such rapid expansion it was also necessary to improve our technology to accommodate all our new Members. We introduced a number of new features for our Members: the Mining Difficulty Barometer, Split Calculator, a complete redesign of our websites and backendlaunching new websites for the OneLife Network, the OneCoin Cryptocurrency and the OneAcademy.

A key talking point this year was the official separation of the OneCoin cryptocurrency and the OneLife Network, which encompasses the global network of users, but is not directly linked to it. Many people still make the mistake of assuming OneCoin and the OLN represent the same entity, but more and more of them are becoming aware of the actual facts. Now OneLife is globally recognised as a top-ranking Direct-Sales company, while OneCoin is a leader on the cryptocurrency market.

Probably the most notable achievement in 2016, however, was the LAUNCH OF THE NEW OneCoin BLOCKCHAIN, which is significantly faster and more secure than the previous one. In addition to that, the total number of mineable OneCoins was increased to 120 billion in order to accommodate the expanding network. This allowed all current members of the OLN, who have OneCoins, to have them DOUBLED to show our gratitude toward our most dedicated users.

Apart from the amazing improvements in the IT field, we also launched a full range of products – the OneTablet, the highly successful Mobile App Builder and the first test runs of the OneForex platform, which is scheduled to launch in early 2017.

Another interesting project was the ONECOINCLOUD HACKING CHALLENGE - over 300 hackers attempted to break through our state-of-the-art security system to receive the grand prize. None of them managed to hack the system, which proves that our encrypted cloud storage system is ONE OF THE SAFEST POSSIBLE PLACES FOR YOUR FILES!

We also MOVED OUR EXCHANGE PLATFORM TO XCOINX.COM, greatly improving our Members’ trading experience. In addition to those, we also presented dozens of amazing promotions, including the latest – the Winter Wonder Wheel, which will run until January 15th, 2017, and gives our Members the chance to make the most of their OneLife experience with bonus Promotional Tokens or even EXTRA SPLITS!


2016 also saw the company expand its representative and corporate structure - in April we MOVED INTO A BRAND NEW OFFICE, located in a building, which has received numerous awards and is revered as an architectural masterpiece in the center of the Bulgarian capital Sofia. The opening ceremony was followed by a spectacular party, attended by the OneLife elite and staff members.

In July we also opened a representative office in HONG KONG, so that all of our Members in Asia could receive all the necessary information about the products and services the OneLife Network has to offer.

So including the representative office in Dubai and the upcoming office in Mexico city, the Network's reach is expanding exponentially!

October marked one of the most memorable occasions for the entire One Ecosystem - We opened the first Cryptocurrency Information Center in the world, called CRYPTOCENTER! All people interested in cryptocurrency, OneCoin and the various applications of virtual currencies are welcome to visit.

Want to learn more and visit? Then schedule an appointment at least 1 week in advance! Reach out to the OneCoin Support Team and send a ticket via the form under Contact Us section on this website. Please note that the Support Team must schedule and confirm your meeting with our Relationship Officers before you visit the OneCoin Cryptocenter.

See more photos from the Cryptocenter under Images & Videos.  

And for those of you who haven't visited yet - we have a special surprise! Now you can check out how the Cryptocenter looks inside with our Google 360-view!


The OneLife Network held two immensely successful global corporate events – the CoinRush in London on June 11th and the Mastermind in Bangkok on October 1st, where thousands of Members received all the latest information from the company’s top leaders and the OneCoin founder and visionary herself – Dr. Ruja Ignatova.

In addition to the two global events, our IMAs held thousands of events all around the globe, with millions of current and potential Members in attendance. Shortly after the CoinRush in London we also launched the brand new OneLife Events website, where all the IMAs could register their events on a unified platform.


OneWorld Foundation Review 2016: Leading the way to a better future for 5205 children

2016 was a fantastic year for the OWF as well in terms of our global charity outreach! The OneWorld Foundation successfully funded 64 projects in 24 countries. We managed to allocate 339 625€  and 100 000$ more personal donations from our Patron - Dr. Ruja Ignatova. We are proud to say that every cent was donated to very special causes, which are dear to us. 

With your incomparable help and constant support, we reached out to 5205 children and youngsters and empowered them to grow and thrive. We have additionally supported 14 children in their fight for life and we were praying for them to fully enjoy their childhood. 2016 was the year of empowerment as we have provided 147 scholarships to children in Asia, Europe and South America so they can go to school and enjoy all the benefits education can offer.  

Another major aspect of our work involved the schools' capacity and facility building. We helped schools and universities to equip study labs and school rooms with modern technologies to trigger curiosity and increase students' involvement as well as to promote inclusive education. We provided computers and laptops for schools and orphanages to ensure that all children have equal access to education and technology. What is more, we provided special therapy equipment for orphans and children with special needs to ease their lives and create opportunities for them to develop.

We also covered the basic needs of children and youngsters in financial difficulty, ensuring they have warm clothes, healthy food and study materials. We made sure that 600 students in India receive hot lunches every day for a whole year so they are more encouraged to go to school and improve in their studies. We ensured that students with study delays or those at the risk of becoming child laborers receive additional supplementary education which will help hem advance at school. We also funded career courses for young people to develop their skills and help them become independent and productive citizens. 

We are extremely overjoyed by the success of our educational initiative, developed in collaboration with OneAcademy. We created free financial education for children in the form of comics and webisodes that are accessible online in the Kids' Corner. Our comic book “The Adventures of Super Ted” is very well accepted by children in Africa, Europe and even the USA. The book is also distributed as a Christmas present to hundreds of children in India. 

In the last months of 2016 we dedicated our efforts towards eradicating child labour as we believe that no child should ever worry about his or her survival. We tackled the main reasons forcing thousands of children to become wage workers and we will continue even more fiercely in 2017. We also volunteered time and efforts to play and feed the dogs from 4 shelters for stray animals. There are a dozen other projects and initiatives that we supported during 2016 which made a great difference for disadvantaged children all over the world. You can find out everything about them in our yearbook which will be published in 2017. 

Finally, we are pleased to see that we have more than doubled - we TRIPLED our impact from 2015 which make us set even bigger goals for 2017!


2016 was really exciting and full of innovations, success and achievements for the OneAcademy as well. But we also need to admit that it was a tough year as it took a lot of efforts to accomplish all the ambitious goals we set in 2015. But we are finally here and proud to share our achievements with you! 

The biggest achievement of the year was the launch of the INNOVATIVE E-LEARNING PLATFORM. We are proud of the result because this project supports all OneLife members in the learning process so that they can achieve their financial goals. This platform makes studying a really easy and pleasant experience for almost 3 million people.

Another great tool for success is the OneAcademy App. It is a MUST to ensure a comfortable and a user-friendly studying process. This is why we are glad and happy with the launch of the mobile app. This way all people from the OneLife team who has the desire to learn how to trade and what a cryptocurrency is, can do it on the go.
One of our greatest achievements this year is the translation of our educational platform into 7 languages. Now over 2 million people can learn in their native languages at our OneAcademy website. We would like to personally thank the members of the OneLife Network who supported us through this journey - Mr. Udo Deppisch and Mr. Jose Gordo. This was a real team spirit! OneLife, OneTeam!

We received support from 2 more very important people without whom we wouldn’t be able to achieve all of this. Mr. Ioannis Kantartzis who is a great practitioner with a proven record of success and a lecturer at one of the best international universities. Mr. Kantartzis created an impressive series of video lectures on the topic of Forex Market.

Dr. Numan Ulku on the other hand is a professor who is teaching at the University of South Australia. He has a dual path career with experience in trading and lecturing. This is why his courses on Behavioral Finance are of great value for our Academy.

This year is a great success in terms of development of the OneAcademy’s curriculum. We added 2 major topics to our educational program that consist of more than 20 lectures and more than 4 hours of video tutorialsThe Forex topic is a real guide to becoming an expert in financial markets. But the Behavioral Finance courses give you the final pinch to spice your trading career and become a Master Pro trader.


2016 was also very important in terms of establishing our brands and improving our compliance. We expanded our corporate team by introducing an entire Compliance Department, dedicated to monitoring any actions that may contradict our Terms and Conditions and IMA agreement.

In order to maintain our global expansion and stability, it is clear that we can and will not tolerate any infringements to those requirements. We are also ready to cooperate with the Regulators to improve the legislation in the mostly unregulated cryptocurrency industry – the safety of our Members stands above all else for the OLN, and this will continue into 2017.

We remind all our members to reread the ADVERTISINGBRAND GUIDELINESTERMS AND CONDITIONS and the IMA AGREEMENT and make sure all the materials they produce are in line with them.

In October we witnessed one of the most important changes to the OneLife Network’s structure – the appointment of our new CEO Mr. Pablo Munoz, a revered and highly-respected professional in the industry joined our team and since our network has been thriving.

Even prior to him joining, the OLN had completed a number of strategic business acquisitions – OPN, UniverteamBNG and WeShare were all incorporated into the OneLife Family, stabilizing its presence in the growing Asian, European and South American markets.

The past year was not all smooth sailing, however. We had to tackle coordinated attacks from our competitors, dissemination of unfounded accusations and completely false information and we are proud to say we came out STRONGER THAN EVER thanks to our joint efforts! We will continue growing and improving our products and services, expanding into new markets and reinforcing our presence in existing ones.

Regarding our upcoming projects, we can only say: 2017 will be the year of the MERCHANTS and improving the usability of the OneCoin cryptocurrency. Stay tuned for more information, because the coming year is bound to be EVEN BETTER THAN 2016

The future is as bright as ever, because TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!


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