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The next stage of evolution! New CEO, the merchant network and so much more!

The grand network event Masterming on Saturday was nothing less than spectaluar!

The OneLife team is proud of the whole organization, effort and love that the Network leaders have invested into pulling off this massive OneFamily gathering. The IMPACT Arena in Bangkok was visited by nearly 12 000 people and the event was live streamed and viewed online by thousands more all over the world.

This was for sure a great surprise for everyone who didn't get the chance to attend the event personally.

However, let's do a wrap up for everybody who did not get to see the grand event neither on site nor online.

Jay Samit Speech

We were very thrilled to see one of the world’s leading experts on disruption and innovation (and author of "Disrupt You"), Mr. Jay Samit on the event stage on Saturday. His speech was nothing short than revelating, putting the whole digital disruption and cryptocurrency in context, drawing the big picture of a new financial system and the future of shared economy. He emphasized on the importance of getting outside your comfort zone in order to bring positive change.

"You can be as successful as you choose to be. Opportunities are before you. It begins with introspection...Overcome what's holding you back...Start each day by saying these two things - First: the future can be better ...and Second: i have the power to make it so!...You must Commit to livelong learning. Read.Learn.Grow...Understand how the landscape is changing and seize the next Big opportunity! "

And speaking of the next big opportunity - from today on, OneLife IMAs will now be able to develop and grow a Merchant Network! Yes, you got that right - the OneLife Backoffice will now have a new addition to its portfolio of products and services - the long anticipated M.A.B. (Mobile Application Builder) is now a fact!

So, what is the M.A.B.?

The M.A.B. is a platform that was specially created to provide value to merchants by giving them access to an easy to use digital platform, which helps them build their own mobile application from scratch. The best thing about the M.A.B. is that it doesn't require any programming skills. The software has a customized, user friendly, intuitive interface which has all necessary functionalities pre-programmed and ready to use. In short this product is fit for public figures, entrepreneurs and business owners with small and medium business worldwide, looking for an affordable way to expand their market.

With a mobile application any merchant, service provider or forward thinking entrepreneur can reach a whole new, unexplored customer base. Let's get that right -this is a smart deal for merchants in developing or emerging markets and even for those in mature markets, who are keen on technology - everyone can add value through having an app . For the OneLife Network this only means entering a much bigger market with untapped opportunities to expand and grow the network community, as well as to take advantage of the additional network reward opportunities.

The honorary guest - Dr. Ruja Ignatova chose the Mastermind stage to present a historic milestone of the OneCoin Cryptocurrency development - the launch of the new blockchain.

The New Blockchain

On a stage, before thousands of viewers, the Cryptoqueen herself launched and mined the first block of the new blockchain live. The hall was quiet with anticipation until the genesis block appeared on screen for the entire global audience to share this special moment together, applauding in excitement, celebrating the success of their mutual effort. Dr. Ruja warmly acknowledged the global OneLife Family and didn't miss to express her appreciation for everyone who embarked on this journey in the past 2 years of the creation of the company. "I believe we are a really special Network. And that is because we REALLY act as a one, as a family. " she said while addressing the planned strategic steps for the upcoming months.

With a powerful speech on the future of the OneCoin cryptocurrency and the Network, Dr.Ruja Ignatova has announced another big surprise - the newly appointed OneLife Network CEO - Mr. Pablo Munoz (if you want to know more on his background check out the article in our News section).

OneLife New CEO

Our new CEO has an impressive track record in the Network Marketing industry, coming from the beauty and cosmetics giant AVON

Mr. Munoz kicked it off by sharing his inspiration with Dr. Ruja Ignatova giving a tribute to her leadership and brilliance, promising to work relentlessly to achieve all set goals. He spoke from the heart about his professional drive and dedication to the cause of the Network:

"When Dr. Ruja asked me to join OneLife i never had to think about it, it was a no-brainer. She inspired me to come and join a company that has done what noone else has done before. It took up for the computer more than 20 years to get to where OneLife is today. It took social media around 5 years to get where we are today. How could I not join this revolution?! We have incredible tools. We have amazing leadership...We KNOW how to dream big!...This is the most amazing wealth creation opportunity that I have seen...OneLife is about changing more than one life at a time! We change lives at the speed of light!...I am going to work for you. I am going to work relentlessly to make sure that we achieve our goals!"


The rest of the event went nothing less than extraordinary with Thailand seeing its first Black Diamond, represented by the beautiful Ms.Natchaphan Sonsirinun. We hope that her example inspires and empowers thousands of women to go after their dreams with determination and persistence! The OneLife team wishes Ms. Natchaphan Sonsirinun all success, courage and drive to push her team to achieve any goal that they set their mind to.

Finally, one of the main event organizers - ditinguished leader and one of the Four Brothers - Staffan Liback has put a worthy end of the event by announcing yet another great surprise - the 1000 city tour (follow OneLife Events for information on how you can organize and promote events, or buy tickets for the next event near you).

Yes, the Mastermind event held many historic announcements and marked the beginning of a new era. The OneLife exclusive club has just got better.

The OneLife corporate team wishes everyone a Happy second Anniversary!

The OneLife Team

"OneLife is about changing more than one life at a time! We change lives at the speed of light!" -OneLife Network CEO - Mr. Pablo Munoz

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