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OneCoin opens the first cryptocurrency information center

In October 2016 the first Cryptocurrency Information Center, called CRYPTOCENTER, opened its doors in Sofia, Bulgaria. All people interested in cryptocurrency, OneCoin and the various applications of virtual currencies are welcome to visit.

The Cryptocurrency Information Center is the first of its kind in the history of the industry and is yet another step toward making virtual currency more easily understandable and available for the mainstream user.

If you have never heard about cryptocurrency or if it is just an abstract concept for you, the Cryptocenter is the place to visit. Here you will be able to find detailed information not only about virtual currencies but also about the OneCoin brand.

Cryptocurrencies have many applications that can greatly benefit the mass user. For example, one of the most common uses is global money transfers. People prefer cryptocurrencies when making money transfers, because it is faster, cheaper and easier.

With a user base of over 2,7 million users, OneCoin is present in over 190 countries and is widely used. The price of the coin is stable and its value cannot be affected by inflation, because like other cryptocurrencies, OneCoin is independent from central banks and governments.

The finite number of OneCoins combined with the fact that they are based on cryptography make them difficult to counterfeit. But unlike anonymous cryptocurrencies, OneCoin stores KYC documents on its blockchain, in line with the recommendations of the Regulators to avoid money laundering and make any attempt to use the coin for criminal activity as difficult as possible.

Want to learn more and visit? Then schedule an appointment at least 1 week in advance! Reach out to the OneCoin Support Team and send a ticket via the form under Contact Us section on this website. Please note that the Support Team must schedule and confirm your meeting with our Relationship Officers before you visit the OneCoin Cryptocenter.

See more photos from the Cryptocenter under Images & Videos.

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