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The Swedish police has finalized and closed all investigations against the OneCoin company. In addition, on May 2nd, 2019, the Swedish Gaming Authority (Spelinspektionen) has confirmed to the company’s lawyers that there are no ongoing procedures, relating to the allegations against OneCoin. Neither of the two authorities have found evidence of any bad practices whatsoever.

Since the establishment of OneCoin, the company has constantly and viciously been attacked by unfair business competitors with the aim of damaging its reputation on a global scale by spreading rumors.

A couple of years ago, some groundless claims about OneCoin have come to the attention of Swedish authorities which they have found worthy of investigation. In addition to that OneCoin activities were reported to the police by the Swedish Gaming Authority with the argument that those activities were in breach of the Swedish Gaming law. Shortly after, this “story” has been reported on the news, and then referenced further in many outlets on- and offline, giving those claims media resonance for months – especially on the Old Continent.

These allegations have now been put to the test and have failed spectacularly. After the Swedish police conducted a thorough investigation following the allegations of the Gaming Authority, they came to the conclusion that no charges of wrong-doing could be proved, and, as a result, the investigation was closed - twice, on February 6th, 2017 and on January 16th, 2018.

“In a Scandinavian country that has ensured a high level of consumer protection and which serves as an example of how the government looks after its citizens, the OneCoin concept has been a subject to the most rigorous test of legality and has passed it. We sure hope the fact that all allegations against OneCoin in Sweden have dropped serves as an example to the public that there are many rumors, circulating online, and they should definitely be disregarded, so that people could avoid falling victims to the “Fake News Phenomenon”, the OneCoin company shared.

The Gaming law of Sweden is of EU origin, so the conclusion in Sweden should hold for the rest of Europe and be applicable for other European countries.

Searching for the truth is usually a long and unpleasant process – it is hard, takes time, but it always prevails eventually. The OneCoin company is positive that this will happen in the United States of America as well, it is just a matter of time.

OneCoin Press Department

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Exchange weekly summary 4

****** Exchange platform weekly summary ****** 

Week 4

IT development 
Ongoing parallel work towards the stabilizing of the synchronization between block chain and back office; The work process towards building a connection between exchange and the old

- DealShaker is finalized. 
- Team is currently testing 

Licensing and IT Audit 

Ongoing reviewal process by CB IT team. CB IT Team currently expecting a finalized business continuity plan, a contingency plan and a disaster recovery plan. The three terms explained below: 

Business continuity - a “back-up plan” about how the exchange would operate in case the platform crashes down. Plan still being worked on. After it is finalized, plan will be sent over to the CB IT Team. 

Contingency – in case something happens to the company behind the exchange, another one should overtake its place in order to ensure the smooth work of the exchange. The company is ready with a proposal for a possible solution. 

Disaster recovery – how to proceed in case the servers are completely down. The company is ready with a proposal for a possible solution (we have an approval for a Microsoft Cloud License).  Proposals for fees are provided to the CB as the basis of the buy margin is the average margin of the buying rate of several banks - awaiting approval 

Payment gateway determined as compulsory before starting - still no response from CB about which payment gateway they recommend IT committee will prepare another report regarding the coins and tokens the next Monday 

Request for how to operate sent to Indonesia, Sudan, Egypt, Serbia 
Filing an application for a European license - initiated; application for a subsidiary - done.


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